Slow Horse was founded in 1997 by New York City vocalist/guitarist Dan Bukszpan. Taking cues from such bands as the Swans, Codeine, Low and Black Sabbath, the stated goal was for Slow Horse to be the slowest, heaviest and most depressing band possible. The band began playing at local NYC clubs such as CBGB's, Brownie's and Continental, where they began to build a small but devoted following.

In 1998, they self-financed and recorded their self-titled debut album of "melodic Doom," which was eventually picked up and released through Freebird Records (Netherlands) in 1999. Despite its lack of mainstream distribution, the album still sells well to this day in underground heavy music circles, largely through the Internet and by word of mouth.

In February 2001, drummer/vocalist Scott Sanfratello (formerly of Higher Octane and co-creator of the Custom Heavy website) joined the band and they immediately went about the business of writing and recording their follow-up album. The September 2001 release, Slow Horse II, on Berserker Records was recorded by Martin Bisi at the renowned B.C. Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Bisi's work with Sonic Youth, Helmet, the Swans, early White Zombie, Cop Shoot Cop and Material is the stuff of legend. With his considerable talents a part of the project and with the new diverse influences brought to the band, fans of the first recording saw the classic, heavy, melodic music they had come to expect from Slow Horse taken to the next level. In turn, the Slow Horse fan base continues to grow as both releases and the Slow Horse live show consistently garner raves from reviewers and heavy music fans alike.

The Stoner Hands of Doom III Fest (October 2001), in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas, Texas was used by the band, in conjunction with the German band, Calamus (Cargo Records), as the anchor for their fall tour throughout the US South and East Coast to promote their new release- as well as a Slow Horse/Calamus Limited Edition Split 7" (Berserker). The band has been writing new material for their eventual third release, on a label to be determined, as well as regularly playing both local and out of town shows- and once again incorporating their slot at the annual Stoner Hands of Doom Festival (IV - November 8-10, 2002 in Mesa, Arizona) on their recent fall tour of the continental US from mid-October through mid-November 2002.